Nude Photos of Princess Kate and Prince William Go For $1,000,000 By Woman’s Day

Nude Photos of Princess Kate and Prince William Go For $1,000,000 By Woman’s Day

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The world is crazy, people love to fantasize. It cost Woman’s Day, an Australian tabloid $1,000,000 to publish nude figures of Princess Kate and Prince William according to Yahoo Shine. The pictures were taken by an anonymous journalist when the couple was in their honeymoon in

Prince William and Princess Kate

Princess Kate nude sold for $1,000,000

Seychelles. It is not a surprise for Woman’s Day to have gone a great extent to acquire the photos. Many people love to watch nude celebs. This habit is known by celebrities, world over. Those who understand exactly what that means in business essence would use the slightest of opportunities to rack in money. Britney Spears, the ‘Born to love you’ hit maker rarely disappears in the top 10 Google search list. Another celeb who does not seem to abate from Google search is Paris Hilton, the socialite girl; the lady is paid just to have fun and she never disappoints. Clients continue streaming to wherever she is partying. These two celebs have one thing in common, they at one time posed nude for the world to see. And the world never let them fail; they previewed, watch and keeping on viewing their dirty video tapes. They have known how to manipulate our minds and the media realized quickly how to use them to popularize their media outlets. They target celeb maniacs who are willing to do anything to watch the skin of celebrities. Woman’s Day, an Australian magazine in the past few days published photos of Prince William and Princess Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The money involved in securing the photos is estimated to be close to a million US dollars. The pictures show William and Kate on the beach during their honeymoon in Seychelles. The most ‘good’ thing in the photos is that,

Will and Kate honeymoon pictures published by Woman’s Day

Kate is half naked; she is in a black bikini! Who doesn’t like to see the next queen of Britain in a bikini? They were captured walking, resting and swimming in the Seychelles North Island beach. Though it was agreed by journalists that they would respect the privacy of the couple, someone didn’t see it that way and went on to make millions out of it. Woman’s Day would rather had spent that huge amount of money in promoting women’s rights in Africa and other developing economies, but the popularity that come with the photos is enormous. They couldn’t resist the temptation. The magazine would sell huge volumes in lightning rate, bringing in the money spent anyway and subsequent sales would rise. They are also nice photos and maybe the fantasies of people around the globe are now satisfied.

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  • Linn Grigsby

    Princess Kate Middleton, Princess or not, is a beautiful young woman with a great figure. The Royal Family should understand the press by now and circumvent their desired invasion of privacy by offering a nude photo shoot to a tasteful publication such as Playboy for a $1,000,000 donation to her favorite charity. The public would be satisfied, charity would be enhanced, the press would be left with nothing to invade, and beautiful artistic photographic works of art would be left for history.

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