Nikon D600 Camera: Awesome Features And Captivating Photos

Nikon D600 Camera: Awesome Features And Captivating Photos

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The new Nikon D600 Camera has awesome features that produce captivating pictures. Nikon Inc. announced introduction of 24.3 megapixel Nikon D600 camera.

Nikon d600 camera

Nikon is the leader when it comes to cameras, isn’t it? I have been a Canon person, but I think Nikon has swept me off my feet. On Thursday September 13th 2012, Nikon Inc. made the announcement. This is a full frame FX- format camera that captivates imaginations of every picture through the lens. It is also affordable. Much cheaper than D 800. But just like D800, possess same image-processing engine (EXPEED 3) that gives high image quality and a  superior resolution. The D600 is a new model that makes portability quite easy. It is also smaller in size and lighter. It weighs 141(W) × 113 (H) × 82 (D) mm, 760 g making it much easier to carry it around without getting tired.

Its image quality matches other Nikon D-SLRs (D4, D800, D800E). It has an optical viewfinder frame of 100%. A comparatively large and very clear 3.2-inch LCD monitor that has a wide viewing angle. This gives it superior visibility.

Photo of Nikon D600

It also matches D800 and D800E when it comes to dust and water-proof features. It supports DX NIKKOR lens lineup that suits and gives excellent still images and movie recording. With 24.3 MP, D600 produces works well with high-resolution and a high definition (HD) movie recording.

You can easily transfer your beautiful high quality pictures to your phone. When you don’t want to carry your Nikon D600 camera, connect to your wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1b and transfer them. This makes sharing of photos easy. Uploading them to social networks and sharing with family members and friends is made convenient.

Its response is superfluous coupled with high speed continuous shooting at an estimated speed of 5.5 fps and 013 s power-up time. The battery pack is well designed to suit the contrasting usage. It holds both batteries {rechargeable Li-ion EN-EL15 and AA (NI-MH, alkaline and lithium)}.

All camera enthusiasts, what more can you ask for? D600 is cheaper but of same quality like the other Nikon D-SLRs! Portable, water- proof and of a smaller size. Its hitting the market next week. I think it’s time to say “Nikon”.

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