Princess Kate, Prince William and Royal Family Seek Legal Action in French Court Against Closer

Princess Kate, Prince William and Royal Family Seek Legal Action in French Court Against Closer

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Princess Kate and Prince William are seeking legal action in French court. They want justice after revelation of the scandalous Princess Kate nude photos, according to Associated Press. A naked Princess Kate photos sunbathing topless have been viewed as gross violation of individual’s privacy rights by the royal family. They are now seeking redress in the French court against Closer magazine.

Prince William and Kate seek court injunction against Closer

The palace is launching legal battle against the photographer(s) and Closer magazine itself. The invasion of privacy is not being taken lightly by the Royal family. The spokesperson for William’s St. James Palace office expect the complaint to being filed on Monday September 17th with the French prosecutors.

This would kick start a tough court war that would not escape the public limelight. People all over the world are going to follow the proceedings. More photos might be unearthed, more unknown turn of events revealed and more crude altercations uttered.

With an estimated number of 3 billion viewers of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, as per New York Times, billions of people would be interested with the case. The critics of the royal family and supporters alike would draw their attention to the court process.


Could the negative spotlight be destructive to the reputation of the Royal Family?

Princess Kate and Prince William “did not make any effort to conceal their privacy,” said Closer’s editor. If the statement stands as a verdict by the French court, then the reputation of Princess Kate and Prince William would be on the line. The media would fight back. More photos as claimed by Closer to be in their safes would be revealed and the damage would worsen.

The Closer seemed to have borrowed a leaf from Woman’s Day magazine who got away scot-free. This time, the photos taken are very obscene showing every small detail of Princess Kate’s figure. They are sleek images taken with a sophisticated camera.

They are now facing the wrath of the royal family being unleashed. But before their lawyers go head on with the Closer’s, they are seeking an injunction against publication of similar photos by Italy’s Chi gossip magazine. Chi gossip plans to publish the same photos on Monday September 17th, according to Associated Press.

If no injunction is issued by the court, then it casts doubt on successful filing of the case against Closer. When damage is claimed to have been done and further damage (same) is allowed, then logically, it should not be considered as damaging.

We await to witness the intrigues of the court battles.

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