Princess: Kate Middleton Photos in Closer Magazine

Princess: Kate Middleton Photos in Closer Magazine

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Kate Middleton photos on vacation in France. Closer published the pictures. Princess Kate nude photos sparked angry reaction from Prince William who feels his wife Kate has been violated. There is also a striking similarity between her treatment and the late princess Diana, the mother of Prince William.

The French magazine Closerdid not take into consideration public outcry even after protests when Woman’s Day magazine, Australian Tabloid published pictures of the two royals in their honeymoon. The photos show Princess Kate nude. She was at a swimming pool when a photographer took the photos.

The front page of Closer, French tabloid. Princess Kate nude was photographed while having good time with Prince William in Provence, Southern France

This is 21st century, whether they are royals or not, there is little room for privacy. There are sophisticated cameras that have strong lens taking pictures from afar.

Is this what they deserve?

Online media is buzzing with the news and photos of the royals naked in front cover of the magazine. She  is not one of Hollywood actresses or models to earn from those photos. She is from the family of the highest social status.

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Royal skin is like no other skin as they say. Online searches are going beyond the daily search limits crashing some websites. The photos were amazing though. Well taken, clear and just hit the streets of Paris.

A statement from the royals indicate that they were “disappointed and saddened” and they are considering pursuing legal action. The photos were taken when they were holidaying on a private estate in France last month. There have been plans to run them since and today they have been released.

The front cover of Closer shows pictures of princess Kate nude in a black and white bikini. Photos inside the magazine show Prince William rubbing something off bottomless Princess Kate and she appears to have taken off her bikini.

Princess Kate nude

Princess Kate oh my God. A man in the streets of Paris flipping through the pages of Closer. The French tabloid published Princess Kate naked.

The title given to Saturday’s magazine story line is: “Victoria’s Secret can stand aside.”

St James’s Palace spokesman responded by saying, ”It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them … ”(They are) hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner.”

Despite the Princess Kate nude photos featured in Closer, we still love the duke and duchess of Cambridge. Check out new Duchess of Cambridge bikini pictures 2013 and Princess Kate baby bump photos.

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