Pregnant Princess Kate Middleton Discharged From Hospital: Rife Baby Boy Speculation

Pregnant Princess Kate Middleton Discharged From Hospital: Rife Baby Boy Speculation

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Pregnant Princess Kate was discharged from hospital on Thursday. Her husband Prince William was at her side from hospital. Pregnant Princess Kate was in her usual jovial mood on her way out.

She has become a subject of discussion world over. Hard financial times seem to have been forgotten buried deep in this Christmas season. It is good news the pregnant Princess has gone home. She is now enjoying her rest at the palace in her husband’s bedroom.

Tabloids went on a frenzy over the news of Princess Kate Pregnancy overshadowing her illness. It was being hardly mentioned that she was take ill because of severe morning sickness. Wonderful news now, she is well and energetic.

Princess Kate wearing expensive smile immediately after being discharged

She would not have much fun though, Princess Kate baby bump would not allow. Her husband Prince William is fun to be with, she would be giggling her lungs out. She has not shaded her girlish behavior. She is yet to become a mother to put on a mean face every time when the royal baby would do a mistake.

Pregnant Princess Kate can still do dishes! Yep she does. She is a good wife and mummy-to-be but can’t lower her back that low. She does simple work in the house and have herself well taken care-of.

Princess Kate baby bump pictures in a bikini

The release of Kate Middleton from hospital proves wrong some people who thought she was suffering from other diseases not mentioned. Hospitalization of a celebrity of her status is a subject to a thousand and one speculations. But for the case of pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, it was purely normal morning sickness suffered by pregnant women. Only that hers was severe.

Prince William’s dad, Prince Charles is overjoyed of the milestone of his son and daughter-in-law Princess Kate. He is soon going to be a grandfather. Grand-dad he will be called by Prince William baby. “I am thrilled, marvelous,” said an overjoyed Prince William.

Photo of Prince Charles happy in a past function.

The gender of pregnant Princess Kate baby?

It has been gossiped and rumored that Princess Kate is pregnant with twins! Could that be true? Two months pregnant woman with twins could be noticed. Princess Kate pregnant with twins could have been unmistakably realized long time ago. The royals would not have denied pregnancy rumors. They are just rumors.

Pregnant Princess Kate is carrying a baby boy is the wish of many. But what if the baby is a girl? That would mark a turnaround in the succession of the throne. This is because of change in the succession rules last year. It could be the wish of the Royal Family that the baby would be a boy to keep the status quo.

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