Sexy Dental Assistant Melissa Nelson Sacked for Turning on the Boss

Sexy Dental Assistant Melissa Nelson Sacked for Turning on the Boss

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A sexy dental assistant was sacked for turning on the boss. Worse, it happened in the presence of the boss’ wife. Melissa Nelson was fired by James Knight for being too sexy to evoke distraction in dental clinic.

Melissa Nelson was a sexy dental assistant to James Knight for the last ten years. The sexual urge towards Melissa Nelson has been growing reaching its peak; heightened by how she clad to work. Melissa had wardrobe overhaul. She started dressing herself in tight clothing that hugged her bum.

The tight clothing was not an issue to the wife of the boss, Mrs Knight who viewed it as another freedom to a woman. But not when she saw the text messages in her husband’s phone. Melissa and James have been having physical attraction going to the extend of writing after work text messages to each other.

Sexy dental assistant, Melissa Nelson

The messages were neither about patients and how they were doing nor how the day was successful, they were about what each was doing and feeling. Wait, James Knight was able to paint perfectly romance to the sexy dental assistant. One text message inquired if she experiences orgasm that frequently. The question she claims did not answer.

The signal was clear, the boss was interested. The boss wanted a change? The wife works in the same dental clinic and when she found out what was going on, she knew what to expect. She did not want her marriage to head that way. Mrs Knight demanded the sacking of Melissa. But first before James wrote Melissa a message that she has been dismissed, they consulted their pastor. The pastor was in agreement. Melissa Nelson lost the job.

She was aggrieved. She felt like her sexuality was under siege and just because she was a woman she was being fired. True to some extend. If she was a man, she would not have been sacked. But threatening somebody’s marriage with sexuality is wrong. That is what was upheld by the court.

Dentist James Knight showing a tattoo. He sacked his sexy dental assistant for being “irresistible”

The court ruled that it was within James Knight’s legal rights that she fired Melissa Nelson. The family was happy with the ruling. “Our position has always been Mrs. Nelson was never terminated because of her gender, she was terminated because of concerns her behavior was not appropriate in the workplace. She’s an attractive lady. Dr. Knight found her behavior and dress to be inappropriate,” said Knight’s attorney.

In every court case, the loser is left disappointed and so also is Melissa  She expected the ruling to be in her favor. “I was very surprised after working so many years side by side I didn’t have any idea that would have crossed his mind,” Nelson lamented. But she would not say that she had not been warned. “Dr. Knight acknowledges he once told Nelson that if she saw his pants bulging, she would know her clothing was too revealing,” the Judge stated.

It is not known if Nelson has a wall mirror to ought to have checked on her buttocks every morning to confirm that the pants were not bulging. Nelson is a mother of two, happily married and her husband was not being disturbed by her dressing. Sad thing: Beauty is in the beholder’s eye. Whether the pants were bulging or not, Melissa Nelson was “irresistible” to James Knight.

The sacking of Melissa Nelson could have opened a wide door to men who have always been scared t fire women because of the way they dress. The “irresistible” Melissa Nelson is jobless.

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