7 Easy Ways To get Rid Of Smelly Feet
Getting rid of smelly feet is very easy and cheap. It can be taken care of at home. Steps on how to get rid of stinky feet are simple. Did you know that majority of sweat glands in your body are in your feet? They are not 10 or 50, they are approximately 50,000 sweat glands in your feet! Have you also noticed that your feet only stink when you wear shoes? Not when wearing sandals or footwear that can allow air. Don’t wonder, it is not a miracle that just happens every time you put on closed footwear. Bacteria are responsible. Photo: healthsafetytips.com What causes feet odor? When sweat collects inside the shoe, the result is a favorable environment that allows growth of bacteria leading to foul odor. Has smelly feet been an embarrassment to you, if NO here is how to help someone you know whose feet stinks like a dead rat or if YES, deal with it now. These are 7 tips on how to get rid of smelly feet: Wash your legs with anti bacterial soap. Do it regularly. Don’t wait for three days when you remember to do it. Make sure you wash them well. This will get rid of bacteria and save you from stinky feet. (more…) [...]
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