Nicki Minaj Booty Before and After Plastic Surgery and Boobs Photos

Nicki Minaj Booty Before and After Plastic Surgery and Boobs Photos

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Nicki Minaj’s booty before surgery was small. She did surgery on the booty and boobs. Nicki Minaj  booty photos after plastic surgery make the American Idol judge appear extra-bootylicious. Nicki is plastic, and her pictures are amazing. Wondering what Nicki Minaj looked like before plastic surgery? Her booty was just size 6.

It is beyond what the eyes can see at the present. Nicki Minaj possesses the most beautiful and sexy booty in the world. Thanks to unknown surgeons who are not allowed to breach patient-doctor confidentiality. They did an excellent job transforming a once village girl from Trinidad to the most sort after model by top-selling magazines in the world.

Nicki wouldn’t have become famous by only applying makeup. As a rapper, it could have been a disaster not to have tiptop boobs, booty and face. These are the major and notable worked-on areas, but there could be more hidden body parts that received surgeon’s attention. Nicki Minaj before surgery was a typical village girl roaming the streets in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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Looking at the booty, she wasn’t proud of it when she landed in Hollywood. She never showed off. Nicki Minaj did not brag about it because there was nothing to show anyway. After the surgery, paparazzi could not be told where to take photos on Nicki Minaj, everybody is crazy about her butt. She has a good shape.

Nicki’s big booty after plastic surgery became much talked about subject by fans and media. Her booty photos circulated like wild-fire on the internet. Awards without a shot of Nicki Minaj’s booty would be work failure by the paparazzi, and she is making money out of it. Popular magazines want her to be their cover model. They all want Nicki’s butt to appear on their front pages.

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Nicki Minaj’s boobs cause blood to gush, but are they natural? She does not want to talk about her body parts. That suggest there is something she is evading or doesn’t want to be dragged into. Her titties are plastic! The evidence is in the photos Nicki Minaj took before plastic surgery. It is clear she had them worked on. Nicki Minaj breasts do not attract attention as her hips. But still, can be recognized to have been enlarged.

Her face also received the special surgeon attention. Jaw bone structure lift up could have been performed. Nicki Minaj’s photos after plastic surgery show a different image of the singer-song writer. Nicki’s nose before she became a celebrity looks different from what it is now. Good job was done (probably by experienced surgeon) to complement her boobs, jaws and her booty.

The cost of butt implants depends on location, hospital and the surgeon. Services of experienced professional plastic surgeons would cost over $10,000 per operation in the U.S.

It is the same price for boobs and facial plastic surgeries. It is evident Nicki Minaj spent over $30,000 for plastic surgeries (could even be double that amount having performed more than once, for each body part), and it is worthy to have spent the amount.

She is more beautiful, demands respect wherever she goes and share the same table with glamorous celebrities like Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.

The necessity to perform plastic surgery is justified by Nicki Minaj’s booty before and after surgery. Enlarging boobs was a good idea. Nicki Minaj  flash of a nipple would cause internet stir. Well, men (and GaGa) now have reasons why they gaze at Nicki without getting bored.

Who is sexier between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey? What about Nicki Minaj vs Kim Kardashian’s booty? Everybody is talking about Nicki Minaj blood-warming boob effect, she is proving to be the sexiest!! Her boobies freaked out while shooting a video.

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