Taylor Swift Boobs after Enhancement, Bigger Breasts Photos

Taylor Swift Boobs after Enhancement, Bigger Breasts Photos

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Taylor Swift boobs appear to have been enhanced. The fist size boobs are bigger than normal. Taylor Swift boobs look ‘stiffer’ and more protruding than a couple of months ago. Miss Swift no doubt enhanced her titties.

She is more confident in wearing dresses with low cleavage nowadays. Taylor swift’s beauty got a boost with the boob job. Just like Nicki Minaj booty job, the alleged boob surgery transformed the image of the blonde star. The bust area was the only place unsettling her comfort. We give her a 100% accolade. Boobs well done.

Taylor Swift boobs underwent surgery. The photo above is after boob job by a surgeon

Taylor Swift stired up sexiness in unexpected way on an area that never used to receive enough attention. Isn’t she beautiful with a bigger bust? She has been busy chasing around her slippery boyfriend, Harry Styles but she has time for personal improvement. Kudos girl.

Taylor Swift boobs before surgery

Did she enhanced titties for Harry styles?

Taylor Swift boobs enhancement can be correctly speculated. There are obvious reasons why celebs stream to have their titties enhanced. One of the reasons is that she wants to look better and ‘smell’ sophistication. Image is everything to celebrities. The more beautiful a celeb looks, the more money for photo-shoots. Tabloids would be willing to spend more dollars on tasteful celebs. Tiptop appearance, excellent face, superb booty and incredibly awesome breasts.

Another reason Taylor Swift could have chosen a boob job was for her music to sell. Fans are greatly influenced by the general appearance of a singer. Some fans purchase DVDS because they want to see how the artist dresses in the video clip and of course how the boobies are pressed against the dress. Crazy but that is what makes albums to sell.

Taylor swift’s enhanced boobs

Looking presentable in the eyes of a hard to nail boyfriend could be another influencing factor why Taylor Swift enhanced the boobs. Harry Styles is literally being chased by women. They all want a piece of the handsome Briton. He mesmerizes and attracts women to his side. Taylor Swift knows what Harry Styles like most in women, and that is the boobies. When he starts fondling them, he can’t stop.

Taylor Swift is not fortunate enough to have big natural ones, but what are surgeons for anyway if they cannot provide artificial ones for Harry’s sake? May be Harry can decide to chase after her again. Taylor said at the Grammys that Harry is already calling her to be given another chance!! The power of a woman, the power of the boobs.

Well done Taylor, resorting to boob enhancement was the best choice. But while she is still deciding whether to take Harry back into her life or not, she is pleasing herself  with sex toys.

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