Justin Bieber and Rihanna had sex on February 20, 2011 at Hotel Giraffe

Justin Bieber and Rihanna had sex on February 20, 2011 at Hotel Giraffe

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Justin Bieber and Rihanna had sex after flirting at a basket ball game in 2011. The pompous star was nailed at hotel Giraffe. Justin Bieber had sex with Rihanna yet he was in a relationship with Selena Gomez. The allegations his friend is swearing is true.

Justin Bieber and Rihanna had sex on February 20, 2011

Watching basketball can be arousing especially when seated close to sexy Rihanna. The flirt turned into love-making is not surprising if in any case a person involved is RiRi. After getting battered mercilessly by Chris Brown, Rihanna was on the loose to experiment with any vagina loving celebrity.

Selena Gomez’ boyfriend was not a lucky, tactless boy. He got himself into the grasp of Riri who did not mind a sp*nk at a nearby hotel. The news is not pleasing even sex could have been devastating. A friend of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez told Life&Style that Selena was very disappointed upon learning that Justin Bieber cheated on her.

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“It has devastated her,” the friend told Life&Style. Selena had loyally been dating Bieber for months. He at first talked her into believing he was really into loving her. Promising the whole world and guaranteeing to deliver it yet few months into the relationship, Bieber was sweating it out with Rihanna at hotel Giraffe. It feels like swallowing blades. “It really cut like a knife because it happened in February 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love. It’s caused Selena to question their entire relationship,” he further stated.

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It is not known whether Justin Bieber was looking for better sex when he decided to make a hotel booking. In February 2011, Selena Gomez was 18 years and Bieber was 16 years. Both were sex amateurs. None of them was experienced enough to exploit all sexual fantasies. The friend of Justin Bieber did not reveal if Justin was not satisfying Selena that he resorted to RiRi for assistance.

They first flirted before disappearing to “unspecified location” now known as hotel Giraffe. “During breaks, they’d sneak away to the Hotel Giraffe,” he said. “They were alone — their security made sure of it. Hotel staff blocked off the entire floor for them.”

What else, Justin Bieber and Rihanna sex escapades exposed though Riri and Chris Brown are getting tighter, and having sex to make a baby.

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