“Get what you want,” Kim Kardashian Photoshop face on Cosmo cover for April 2013

“Get what you want,” Kim Kardashian Photoshop face on Cosmo cover for April 2013

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Kim Kardashian Photoshop face on Cosmo cover for April 2013. It is a very outlandish picture. Cosmo erred in choosing Photoshop photo of Kim for their cover, instead they should have chosen other sexy celebs like Rihanna and CocoKim can’t impress all the time, can she? Pregnancy can be a little evil sometimes especially to Kim who believes she must always be perfect. We always know Kim Kardashian as a beautiful, gorgeous, cute, attractive and bootylicious, though that booty is subject to benefit of doubt (might have been given more blessings by a surgeon).

Kim Kardashian Photoshop picture on Cosmo Cover for April 2013

The picture on Cosmo cover is a total sham of pompous pregnant Kim Kardashian. Pati Dubroff (beauty guy) did splendid work. He took Kim’s picture taken in 2003 and Photoshop accomplished its part. Pretty work, hot look. There is no sign of baby bump on her bare tummy. In the picture, Kim appears to have slashed 40 pounds or more,  not the pregnant Kardashian we know, and neither does she even look fresh. Kim can’t miss a shower unless she was with Kanye West the previous night. Something also look fake on her lower abdomen. Is Kim’s booty size 12? I don’t think so, but on the cover it is hardly size 12. There is something completely amiss. We all know Kim Kardashian’s hips to be size 40, and now that she is pregnant, the reality show host’s booty measures 46 inches. Her hair looks damn good, exceptional. There is nothing to add but admire. Kim’s boobs on the photo is another area that received good Photoshop moments. Normally, her bust is size 35; natural boobs (baring a doctor’s signature).

Kim Kardashian being cover girl for April issue, Cosmo had to wisely choose articles to write. Stories that reflect Kim’s principles on the cover. “The Sex Move” is a well-thought out title that really complement that awesome figure and what Kim stands for. She is always on the sex move;…. John Mayer, Gabriel Aubry, Kris Humphries, Kanye West,… After Kanye West, she may switch to younger energetic guys like Harry Styles. I am not “talking dirty” while I “Sound ridiculous,” that is Kim. Unluckily this time, she was hoaxed into the Cosmo deal.

In the meantime, she concentrates on her pregnancy, divorce, “shoot photos” and take a vacation. Kanye West and Kim are heading to Paris!! Check out their plans in the video below.

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