Celebrities butt implants: Celebs who have had buttock augmentation

Celebrities butt implants: Celebs who have had buttock augmentation

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Butt implants cost is inflated by celebrities. The butt implants to them is like ordering a bottle of beer after a tiring day. Buttock augmentations are making surgeons rich. John Hopkins graduates are sharp-minded, and time has proved how sharp they are in shaping celebrity butts. Celebrities who have had plastic surgeries are many, and an increasing number are making appointments for a booty cut.

The cost of butt implants ranges between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on the hospital, location and the qualification of the surgeon. If you haven’t realized, tomboys do not have sizable booties. Booty makes a woman desirable, appealing, attractive, sexy… Any woman who is unlucky not to have been naturally born with a big booty can buy it. There are many plastic surgeons who are waiting for phone calls to transform celebrity butts. They have professionalized on the cuts that carve out perfect buttocks. The process could be costly, but the worth is more than the downside. Call them plastic babes, but you will be dying to see their pics:

1. Nicki Minaj

The “Starships” singer loves to experiment. Be it with her neon hair, makeup, breasts or clothes, she has done a lot of stuff with her body too. From rhinoplasty (correcting the nose) to breast augmentation surgeries to butt implants the girl has tried them all. In-fact she is more plastic than pop. And like all other celebrities who have had tons of flesh strata on the buttocks, denies having undergone any surgery.

2. Nicole “coco” Austin

She is a high-profile lingerie model, and surely she has plenty of flesh at the right parts to become an object of envy for our eyes. The insatiable greed to look more beautiful and a passion for perfectionism defines Coco. Already blessed with an excellent bum, this bootylicious babe underwent surgery to enhance her booty only to vehemently deny. Please don’t pee on our heads Coco, we are not complaining. We love what we see!

3. Jennifer Lopez 

Before surgery, she had sleek titties and booty but not jawbone. After surgery, Jennifer was transformed into a good-looking momma. That’s the time when she parted ways with her first husband, who is in Mexico. J. Lo is known for her booty besides her songs. She looks stunning. Though many tabloids claim that she has a fake bum, she herself never commented on such rumors. But the pictures speak it all. The booty gained a much pronounced arch after the surgery. Till Jenny herself comes out of the cocoon and tells us the secret to her “natural” beauty, we are busy ogling at her magnificent back.

4. Kim Kardashian

That hourglass surgeon-created body-frame that is a real treat for an eye. No wonder she has got all the hot dudes swooning over her. Kim Kardashian is close to being perfect. The stats of 34-26-40 is a proof that she has gone under the knife to get herself that perfect butt. She denies having butt augmentation done, instead, she gives all credits to her mummy’s genes. After closely examining the photos since she was a toddler, there is no doubt that she has had butt implant.

Alleged: Rosa Acosta had breast and butt implants

5. Rosa Acosta

The beautiful model who has adorned many men’s magazine covers is reputed to have a super butt that is every man’s fantasy to date. But again, it’s sad how she has never given credit to her surgeon . She claims that it’s au naturel.

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