White celebrities dating black men

White celebrities dating black men

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White celebrities dating black men is common nowadays. They are proud walking down the red carpet with black boyfriends. Either the theory that black men are loaded below their belts is true, or a cute thing to do.

It appears that most celebrities are inclined to date exterior of their individual race. Though interracial dating is a hot topic, it is obvious that most celebrities are in relationships with black dudes. The list cannot be exhausted in a single article, it’s too long, so we have sampled the most popular celebrities who have dated black guys.

Madonna – Prior to Madonna being a celeb, she had the youthful whirl thing she possesses at the present; she was in love with the crazy-like-papa, Dennis Rodman. He was certainly ducting those cakes down prior to Madonna has become into Skeleton and was reasonably gorgeous. Madonna had a fling also with Brahim Zaobat.

Elizabeth Taylor – The late Elizabeth Taylor possessed her reasonable share of black men that had an unwrap shot at those cakes. A few of them were absolutely males of color. She had a relationship with the legend of pop, Michael Jackson who was Black.

Heidi Klum – Heidi Klum is almost certainly the most well-known twirl celebrity out there. She and Seal had that fantastic exceptional wedding for years. They were an item for years, divorcing in 2012. Heidi is now dating her bodyguard.

Elin Nordegren – Elin Nordegren was a nanny and fantastic hot model when she crumbled into the arms of Tiger Woods. They became a perfect pair till Tiger Woods started to have itchy fingers, stripping and laying a good number of white women including porn star, Joslin James.

Carmen Electra – Weird couple, Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. From being influential in choosing the pope to getting Carmen Electra wear national flag bikini. Carmen could not resist the temptation to have a black partner.

Coco – Coco adores her black man and even has television show, “CoCo Loves Ice T” to confirm it. Though married, CoCo has been linked with many black guys on one-night-stands. AP 9 claimed CoCo let him assess the “fruit” between her legs after a couple of rounds (of drinks). Other reports emerged that a Las Vegas promoter also knock her up. She seems to have a thing for black dudes only!

Kendra Wilkinson – She at all time had a modest taste for her. She cheated on old Hugh Heffner, and ditched him. She later hooked up with National Football League player, Hank Baskett.

Katy Perry – Katy Perry had her record of adoring Black men. In recent times prior to her wedding to Russell Brand her relationship with Travis McCoy from gymnasium Class brave men. Katy Perry knows how to cause Fireworks in every black man’s heart. She is very attractive, with sizable rear.

Nicole Kidman – After Nicole Kidman quit being Tom Cruise’s mustache, she carried on to Lenny Kravitz and even was gossiped to be with Q-Tip for a little toss. She is 45, but still looks gorgeous.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is certain that she had great affairs with numerous black guys. From Ray J. to Kanye West. Kim Kardashian is among white celebrities who like black men. Put it the other way, Kim Kardashian has something that’s making black guys go mad (her booty).

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