Celebrity Rehab Deaths: Alarming to Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab Deaths: Alarming to Dr. Drew

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This list of celebrity rehab deaths is a record Dr. Drew does not like to go through. The celebrity rehab show is popular, and has delivered hundreds of celebrities from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. But there are celebrities who went through celebrity rehab to end up committing suicide.

Pinsky gained popularity as the host of the national radio talk show called Loveline. This is a very unique show because aside from being provided free medical treatment worth approximately 50,000 to 60,000 US dollars, the celebrity patients are provided a salary for appearing in the series.

The show has received a lot of criticism from the medical community because of strong confrontational techniques used. To defend his views, Pinsky has stated that he does the best he can with the constraints of network television broadcasting. The patients have been from different walks of life. In the first season, Jessica Sierra, Seth Binzer and Mary Carey reformed, but later drawn back into substance abuse. Nielsen and Rodriguez have accepted their reformed lifestyle and are doing very well now. They are maintaining their sobriety and have completely quit drinking.

Mike Starr was the first celebrity rehab patient to die. He was arrested for possession of 6 pills of Opana and 6 pills of Xanax. He was found dead in Salt Lake City in Utah in 2011. He was followed by Jeff Conway, who was taken off life support after having been in a coma. Rodney King died at the age of forty-seven. He was found dead and floating in his swimming pool. After a medical autopsy, it was discovered that he had substantial amounts of alcohol, cocaine and marijuana.

Mike Starr

In August 2012, 29-year old celebrity patient, Joey Kovar was found dead near a friend’s home in Chicago. He died under mysterious circumstances and no foul play was detected. His brother believes that he was not taking drugs anymore. Many believed that he maintained sobriety as well. The first toxicology test bore inconclusive results. However, autopsy revealed that he may have died due to opiate intoxication.

The most recent death in Celebrity Rehab was that of the once popular country singer, Mindy McCready. She participated in the show because of her alcohol addiction. She had two sons when she passed away in her late 30s. She committed suicide in February of 2013. She might lost control of her senses or influenced by the suicide of her boyfriend. She was also diagnosed with a form of mental illness as she describes her childhood as a one filled with trauma.

Celebrity Rehab may have multiple spin offs, but it is still helpful to celebrities who are abusing drugs.

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