Celebrities Who Wear False Eyelashes

Celebrities Who Wear False Eyelashes

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This article is by Ambika Choudhary Mahajan, who writes about a delicious chutzpah of topics at her blog MyMagicMix. Log in to her blog to read from tattoos to technology, health and lifestyle to social media and a lot more!


Every woman wants to have naturally thick and long eyelashes. Celebrities who have not been endowed with these will stop at nothing and usually opt for false eyelashes.

They are cheap, they are quick, and they are oh-so-easy to use!

Trust some people to overdo it- some of them have been known to wear 2-3 sets of falsies at the same time to give the illusion of a doe-eyed beauty.

Without perhaps realizing that those hideously long eyelashes which almost fan the cheekbones can look detestful, to say the least!

Well, we all know the price these celebrities have to pay for being famous all the time- being under media scrutiny 24 X 7. To the extent even their fake eyelashes get noticed and written about!!!

Here is a list of some celebrities who have made no bones about their fondness for false eyelashes:

Kim Kardashian: You can attribute the trend of sporting the oh-so-obvious-to-make-out false eyelashes to her. Though she won’t admit that she ears fake ones, do we want to even listen to what she says?


Nicole Kidman: If there is one style diva who knows how to carry the faux eyelashes with style, it is her! She uses them only along the outer edges and looks drop dead gorgeous in those! Now, I’m not kidding..


Michelle Obama: The American first lady has been spotted wearing fake eyelashes at more than one occasions. Since she does not get too carried away and makes sure she does not draw too much attention to them, they look graceful on her.

Michelle Obama fake eyelashes

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Catherine Zeta Jones: She is known to wear such heavy ones that she often has to keep her head tilted backwards to keep them in place.


Jennifer Lawrence: She is another fashionista who caused many a heart to skip a beat when she appeared for the Oscars 213 wearing falsies.

Nicole Scherzinger: She is the one celebrity who can put Kim Kardashian’s long eyelashes to shame with her fakes which are long enough to help keep her face cool in event of a power failure.

Nicole Scherzinger False Eyelashes

Angelina Jolie: How can we miss her out of the list? She uses them too.

Other celebrities who have been known to wear false eyelashes include Jennifer Lopez, Adele, Katy Perry and Eva Mendes.

Can you think of more names to add to this list?


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