Celebrities who died of drug overdose

Celebrities who died of drug overdose

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These are celebrities who died of drug overdose. They were at the peak of their careers when they were pronounced dead due to drug overdose and alcohol. It is sad that they had to die that way, but they would be remembered forever for the roles they played in the entertainment industry.

Scotty Beckett


Scotty Beckett was a talented actor who casts a shadow of doom on young celebrities. Scott was discovered by a movie director by accident when he was singing to his sick father in a hospital. The director overheard him, and his life changed for the worse or better depending on how you see it. He became a famous and successful actor, but the latter stages of his life was miserable. He was deeply involved in drugs and alcohol. Scott died in 1968 from what is suspected to be alcohol and drug overdose.

Bridgette Andersen

She was regarded as a child of high intelligence. She started modeling at the age of 2, and acted at the age of 7. Bridgette became detached from her family, delving into drugs and desperation overcame her. She died at 21 from drug overdose and alcohol.

Anissa Jones

Anissa Jones was a child actress well-known for her “Buffy” role on the “CBS sitcom Family Affair”. After the cancellation of the show in 1971, Anissa auditioned for other movie roles, but could not succeed. She was found dead in her friend’s bedroom due to drug overdose.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland is an actress and singer who struggled with drug addiction and weight gain during her life. She is well-known for her leading role in the film “The Wizard of Oz”. She married and divorced five times. Judy once attempted to commit suicide but wasn’t successful. She finally died at an age of 47 due to overdose of barbiturates.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is Hollywood’s sex symbol. She was an all-time glamour actress who had and do still have many followers. It is rumored that she might have been John F. Kennedy’s mistress. After her death in 1962, doctor’s report indicates that she might have died from drug overdose, though foul play was not ruled out.

John Belushi

John Belushi was a famous actor, comedian and musician. He was popularly known for his role on “Saturday Night Live”. He died after an overdose on a concoction of cocaine and heroin (Speedball). He was given the shot by a friend, Catherine Everlyn Smith, who was later jailed for fifteen months.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was the leading singer in the music group, The Doors. Having fought with both alcohol and drug abuse during his life, he died of a heart attack at the age of 27 as a result of accidental drug overdose.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was an actress, a Playboy model and TV personality. Anna Nicole Smith is another Hollywood’s sex symbol, and a popular actress who died in 2007, and a lethal mixture of chloral hydrate and different benzodiazepines was found in her body system.

Whitney Houston

Many wished Whitney Houston had died a natural death. The music icon was found death in a hotel’s bath tub. A doctor’s report showed that she died of heroin overdose before drowning. Her death was emotional and untimely. It happened a day before 2012 Grammys.

WARNING: If you are taking drugs, please do not overdose.

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