Billy Ray got Pants Down, Miley Cyrus deletes tweet

Billy Ray got Pants Down, Miley Cyrus deletes tweet

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Billy Ray has been caught pants down by his favorite daughter, Miley Cyrus. She directed a very revealing text at her dad who never replied.

Miley Cyrus tweet

We hope Miley ain’t doing it for publicity. She posted the pic of herself and another woman who Billy Ray supposedly cheated with.

The photo was deleted soon after.

Miley Cyrus is washing her family’s linen in public. Could she be doing her dad justice by exposing family secrets?

We all love Miley, and we all understand how emotional at times she can be. So, his dad cheated on her mom, and upon finding it out, they separated and finally filing for divorce.


Later on she realized the mistake she made. And now she is saying it wasn’t her. A case of account hacking Miley? Hackers aren’t that smart nowadays in hacking phones after News Corp was exposed. But she couldn’t explain the pic.

Miley’s parents divorce case is getting dirty.

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