Paula Deen is Telling Nothing but the Truth and She is Not a Racist

Paula Deen is Telling Nothing but the Truth and She is Not a Racist

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Paula Deen has apologized, cried and now appears very exhausted. She is trying to pass the message that she is not a racist. I am somehow swayed by her emotions to believe that Paula Deen is indeed not a racist.

This is what I think. If your thoughts differ from mine, we are still brothers and sisters. From my point of view, Paula made a mistake. It’s only that she has not figured out the best way to handle the crisis.

Paula is a 66 year old grandmother. She is hard working, sincere, and honest. It is honesty that has landed her in trouble. It’s usually hard to admit a controversial truth especially touching on a sensitive issue like race.

She might have intended to say the N-word. Yes. We all feel heartbroken and disappointed at times forcing us to use inappropriate language in order to let go of a bad feeling. A few people don’t use offensive words like f*ggot, motherf*cker, b*tch, n*gga… We cannot say these words if we have never heard people using them, and Paula is not the first person to use. We have to blame the setting in which we were brought up.

Paula screwed her apology. It sounded fake, insincere and dressed lies. Had she shoved aside her PR team and apologized without assistance, this mess would be over.

Why I think Paula Deen could be telling the truth?

Her tears are genuine. Her emotions express the innocent, true and innate feelings of Paula Deen, though she is finding it hard to speak. She has all the answers we want to hear in her mind, but she is at a loss on how to issue a fantastic explanation.

If only she can get enough sleep, jog and stretch in the morning, schedule another interview, and face the audience with a good explanation in a relaxed manner without crying, then, we can surely have a better apology.

She is an old woman. Some elderly people when talking look like they are telling lies. Their bodies tremble, even worse when they experience tense moments. At her age, we may not rely solely on facial and body language. And she can’t fake. Paula is neither an actress nor a politician to appear as if she telling the truth.

There is no mistake that cannot be forgiven; some mistakes can land you a 5 year jail term, 20 or 100 years, while others can only be forgiven and forgotten through hanging or electrocution (death). Paula can be forgiven. She confessed, put enough effort to address the situation (Only that she can’t explain her thoughts – maybe because of “bad grades”), willing to offer more apologies and show racial tolerance through actions.

Paula Deen could be hiding nothing, but telling the truth. And she is not a racist.

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