The Game of Vagina: Kennedy and Michael Jordan ~ The Kennedy Chronicals

The Game of Vagina: Kennedy and Michael Jordan ~ The Kennedy Chronicals

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A virgin Kennedy was lured into playing a dice game with Michael Jordan. It was in 1995 after dinner when Michael had a good pastime idea. Playing dice sounded cool for Russell Simmons and Kennedy.

Bets make a game interesting, even more enjoyable when a bet is a vagina. Michael convinced her to play for a bet. It was “time to play for something.” Something that made the blood to gush. “If I win, you come back to my hotel room with me tonight.”

At that time, Kennedy was still a virgin. Letting Michael to break her virginity could have been fantastic, but he had a problem. Not that his manhood could not erect on time or needed enhancement drugs that were not readily available, Michael has a long penis. She thought that he was going to “eviscerate me from the inside out” Wow. That’s a strong statement.

How did Kennedy know Michael Jordan has a monster penis?

After seconds of freaking out at imagining herself in bed with Michael, he reminded her of his wife. Michael was a married man. Her pelvic muscles must have relaxed. “Sure, he’ll filet my vag like a sea bass if he won at dice on a men’s room floor… But as soon as I want basketball tickets he’s a Promise Keeper? Whatevs.”

The unforgettable past, experiences and life ~ The Kennedy Chronicles.

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