How Good looking was Nicki Minaj at BET awards 2013

How Good looking was Nicki Minaj at BET awards 2013

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Nicki Minaj was looking glamorous at 2013 BET awards. Yummy, gorgeous, lovely, angelic… Did her buttocks appear bigger than a month ago? If Nicki Minaj was a wrestler, her titties look like can knock down John Cena.

We like Nicki Minaj because she rocks, high-flying celebrity who is not selfish in releasing good songs. She took over BET awards with her performance before winning Female Hip Hop artist of the year award. But there is something we cannot forget about BET 2013, and that is Nicki Minaj’s cleavage. She was almost spilling out her tatas.

Nicki Minaj cleavage

Can Nicki Minaj remove her bra to remain topless? She did a few weeks ago, and guys are still not over it. Nicki can show us how big the bust she has, and can entertain on stage. Her performance is scintillating nowadays. She left us yearning for more at BET awards. Nicki overshadowed Chris Brown and Ciara was her match.

Nicki Minaj BET performance 2013

A show is great when Nicki Minaj is one of the best dressed celebs, win trophies and remembers to flash a smile. We love her smile, but she unfortunately doesn’t smile that often. At least she did at BET awards.

Nicki Minaj

Wasn’t Nicki Minaj looking good?

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