Kanye West Hooked Up with a Blonde at BET Party, Katarina Van Derham Speaks Out

Kanye West Hooked Up with a Blonde at BET Party, Katarina Van Derham Speaks Out

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It appears Kanye West hooked up with a blonde, Katarina Van Derham at BET party. Life & Style magazine claims to have seen Kanye and Katarina canoodling while Kim was at home taking care of North West.

This story is too sweet not to be believed. Kim has close to two more weeks to welcome Kanye West back to her bed, and in the meantime, he seems to be throwing vibes at the founder of a magazine. A blonde with a shyish face, pretty, slim and loves fashion.

Sexy Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham cannot deny that they crossed paths with Kanye, in short, Kanye and Katarina met. What happened when he came out of the VIP section she claims is communication through eyes. Huh.

“Poor Kanye,” she told RadarOnline. “He doesn’t even know who I am! I never got introduced to him. We never even said a word to each other. They’re just looking for stories. I feel bad for him.”

Katarina was sitting close to her friend Katie Cleary. This is the model who staged protest last year in front of Kim Kardashian’s DASH store in Calabasas. And Kanye appeared to have recognized her, according to Katarina.

“When Kanye walked by, he looked at Katie like he recognized her,” said Katarina. “I’m not sure if he just looks like that, but he kind of turned twice and took a second look at her. He looked like he wanted to kill her.”

Katarina failed to explain why she was staring at Kanye West from the time he stepped out of the VIP section to seeing him turn twice to look at Katie.

Hard to imagine that there was nothing else she was doing other than to keep figuring out what was in Kanye West’s mind. Can’t it be a bogus story she gave?

Magazines like scandals. There are thousands of magazines out there that need to be sold. Being a recipe of this scandal, Katarina would have made a major step forward with her magazine though in the short-term, she would have faced backlash.

“I didn’t even see him talking to other girls!” Katarina argued. Her eyes were on Kanye West alone at the party. It seems something suspicious happened. Disappointing but Kim Kardashian’s booty can act as a tranquilizer.

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