Beyonce’s Booty, Photos, Boobs and the all natural bum

Beyonce’s Booty, Photos, Boobs and the all natural bum

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Many fans would want to touch Beyonce’s booty or better still watch a crazy fan grab it. It appears Beyonce Knowles’ booty has become a burden to her.

Beyonce’s booty is all natural. She is blessed with a giant bum that impresses everybody. Her only problem is to take care of it not to become extra-large. She watches what she takes, or her butt will grow to 60 inches. Currently, it is perfect. And Bey does not hide the fact that she has a fat ass.

Can’t sink!! Beyonce’s floating ass

What’s so incredible about Beyonce’s booty?

It’s natural and big. Bey did not think of injecting her booty with hydrogel. She is a black Texas born artist who has big booty genes. Her sister Solange Knowles has a sizable one. It is the bum Locke fell in love with that he somehow felt bitter when their relationship ended.

Bey’s is boobylicious. Her bust is big, and she cannot fail to tease us with her boobs. At her past concert in Belgrade, she wore fake nipples to weigh how much we value her titz. She left our eyes almost popping out. They are good, never malnutrition, and has a dozen gallons of milk.

Beyonce Knowles nipples

Bey understands that she is endowed at the back. She drives revelers mad at her concerts. She often tortures her bum, shaking it at the rate of 10 shakes per second. It is a high speed, faster that the fastest train but still does seductively.

Touching Beyonce’s booty is almost the same as committing a crime. During Mrs Carter world tour in Denmark, a fan slapped her bum and everybody thinks he was bold. The press whisked to the side important issues of development to discuss how Bey’s ass was slapped. It’s no secret, Bey is proud of her famous black ass.

I am Bey: I feel I can fly with my bum

She flaunts her booty but does not want anybody to slap, touch or punch it. And uses her own fragrance to ensure that it smells nice.

Beyonce has a height of 5’7”, bra size 36, waist of 26 and booty size 38. She is mummy to Blu Ivy, wife to Jay Z and an ex girlfriend to Lyndell Locke. She has a pretty face, dresses attractively, nice hairstyles and her voice is as beautiful as the sky.

Beyonce butt

Beyonce possesses all the features any woman would desire. Bey and Jay Z are the first billionaire couple, sassy, sexy, celebrity, tall, fantastic dancer and has a wonderful booty.


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